This Is Phase 2

In this phase I take you to a more application phase of understanding the stock market.

The first phase was more terms and definitions which I like to call the beginners stage.

This phase I call the Intermediate phase because now your knowledge allows you to put together ideas simply from what you're hearing and seeing.


My online business teaches you how to set up the foundation of a online business while helping you to become more comfortable speaking about it.

What I've done with this course is create the exact process I use in helping my clients set up their foundation based on the topic or subject they choose.

My system is a 90 day process broken down into 3 month phases.

Each month is a phase and after you've completed each month you then create a online course with that content that you've created.

At the end of the 3 month period you now have 4 products that are now available to market and be sold to the market place based on your knowledge and understanding of that specific topic or subject.

Will This Become The New Currency?

With the value of the dollar constantly being devalued one would have to wonder if this is the new face of money .

Well we are in the 21st century and with the creation of the internet nothing seems to be impossible anymore.


Investing in gold has always been and will always be a great choice when it comes to creating wealth. Even with the price of gold being at a level many people could only dream about owning today it's now possible to own fractions of gold.

Cold Hard Cash

Adding more money to your portfolio is always a good thing and it's never been easier to do since there are more and more ways to invest, and more things to invest in.

Understanding the stock market allows you to identify other investment possibilities you've never even thought of.

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Understanding The Stock Market Phase 2

Where We All Learn Something

This is phase 2 of 3 inline with my Understanding the Stock Market series.

The first phase was basically understanding terms and definitions involved with the stock market.

This phase is more for what I call intermediates those who are pretty familiar with the language that's spoken in the area of the stock market.

Larry D. James

Owner and CEO of Speakwithlarry

My company teaches you how to set up the foundation of a online business while helping them become more comfortable speaking about it.

I created this course specifically for people who like myself wanted to learn more about the stock market.

So I decided that since I'm learning about the stock market the same way I teach my clients to set up their businesses I would just walk you through the entire process creating products, setting up systems and so on.

I trust you'll enjoy the process and the best to you moving forward.