My courses teaches you how to position yourself as the expert in whatever topic or subject (YOU) select.

This process comes in 3 phases each 30 days long.

It requires you to do your own research inline with the topic you choose and create content inline with that topic.

The 3 key sources to success today are Stock Market Investment, Real Estate Investment, and the creation of Small Businesses.

These 3 courses will put you on track to learn, understand and create strategies for investing in the Stock Market.

This process also shows you how to create courses for yourself to be able to create income from your own courses.

Remember, success is created by taking the first step the unfortunate problem with that is many people can't identify when an opportunity has presented itself.


The results from my courses allow you to become an EXPERT within your chosen field.

Again, keep in mind these courses do require you to do the work.

Speakwithlarry's DIY Understanding The Stock Market

Speakwithlarry's DIY Start Your Own Online Business
9 Components Of A Successful Online Business + 45 Videos

Hi, I’m [I'm Larry D. James]

Owner of a company called Speakwithlarry designed to teach you how to set up the foundation of a online business while helping you to become more comfortable speaking about it.

I'm creating a (NEW) series of courses inline with the stock market this is course #1 titled Understanding The Stock Market Phase 1 there will shortly be Phase 2 and 3 coming soon.

This process is constructed just like I teach my clients to set up the foundation of their own online business.

You Can Learn A Lot Give It A Shot!